System analytics - Change support forever

Transition to a pro-active support function, not just reactive. SyEX provides holistic system analytics across your estate, mapping out how your overall IT works and pre-emptively alerting abnormal behaviour.

Monitor your infrastructure in real time including overlays to correlate your infrastructure against the previous day, week or year empowering infrastructure management.

system monitoring
1000 ft views of your estate to quickly assess your infrastructure health, through to detailed dives on devices.

Understand your resources (physical, virtual or cloud) to focus and improve your resource management, saving time, effort and preventing incidents by pro-actively monitoring and managing your environment.

Network analytics and diagnostics

Track flows from initiation through to completion, look beyond packet by packet analytics and understand your network transactions.

Understanding which applications are processing what data can be difficult to achieve. Through NaEX‘s intuitive portal you can understand exactly which processes consume and send the most traffic.

network performance monitoring (NPM) network performance monitoring (NPM)

With source to destination mapping, you can track your network links from any device. Traffic pattern analysis alerts you to unusual activity, monitor at all times traffic coming in and out of your organisation.

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latency analytics

Latency analysis - hop by hop analytics

Measuring round trip times to uni-directional latencies, both up and down the network path, truly allowing you to understand and identify asymmetries.

Dynamic trending establishes network patterns alerting when these are exceeded providing detailed analytics.

latency analysis

LaEX enables absolute precision when diagnosing network faults (Source to destination). All achieved through a SaaS platform with zero infrastructure or wire taps needed. The combination of LaEX with TsEX provides a platform with pin point accuracy across your local or global estate. A uniform platform with powerful analytics regardless of where your flow originates or ends.

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machine learning / ai

Leveraging machine learning, new enhanced insights can be given to your data; correlated anayltics are only as useful as the data they are derived from. NeEX’s machine learning provides answers not just information.

Any outage can have vast repercussions to your business; NeEX predicts potential harmful incidents allowing you to resolve problems before they take place, mitigating downtime and increasing stability and resilience throughout your estate.

Understanding a single device can be important, but understanding how each device operates in comparison to the rest of your infrastructure can provide insights previously unknown.