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Elegant design, for simple, secure and scalable deployment

Simple to deploy NeEX is a turn-key out of the box SaaS platform; all you need to do is install it.

Fully configured straight from install, NeEX seeks out and understands your environment as soon as it is turned on, with analytics and monitoring data flowing into actionable and manageable visualisations. NeEX is the answer to get the information you require to ensure a stable, resilliant environment.

emagines service extends to full support and maintenance (service levels), so you dont need to spend hours trying to resolve incidents on your own.

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Network performance monitoring

Do you know immediately why your network is slow?

Do you have a streamlined approach to root cause analysis?

Does your network monitoring use machine learning?

Can you predict future outrages?

timing service

Timing Services

Does your infrastructure run on the same time?

Do you know your cost of maintaining accurate time?

Are you worried about the accuracy of NTP?

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Intelligent solutions

NeEX provides a scalable, flexible, system for end to end analytics and monitoring of your IT. Uniquely powered by fully traceable distributed UTC anywhere in the world with zero hardware requirements. NeEX enables full synchronisation across your infrastructure, fully managed by emagine allowing you to focus on your critical business functions.

ptp ntp

With powerful analytics and enhanced machine learning, new insights can be given to your data. Data is only as useful as the insights derived, NeEX’s machine learning provides answers not just information. Through understanding what the data means, NeEX provides actionable insight beyond data points and metrics; we understand how your IT can affect operations and provide valuable information to enhance your performance.

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Self-evolving benchmarks

Finding what cannot be seen

NeEX Dynamic Trending creates self-evolving benchmarks of your entire IT environment; this enables pre-emptive and pro-active alerting from our powerful AI / Machine Learning algorithms. Dynamic trending not only monitors and alerts to incidents, it provides the answers behind the data giving insights and not just metrics.

By correlating system, network and server data using NeEX’s high throughput, high performance machine learning analytics engine, NeEX creates powerful insights to give you the answers hiding in your data.

network performance monitoring (NPM)
NeEX is the secure, SaaS IT monitoring solution for managing and maintaining smooth operational efficiencies across your business. Whether that is managing multiple global datacentres or ensuring your office has maximum uptime and stability allowing you to focus on what matters most to your business.

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